Trip to NYC: Day 2

OMG!!! Generation Beauty was a blast! But let’s start from the beginning.

After having breakfast at the hotel, we and my mom, hailed a taxi to go to the Pier 92. The weather kind of sucks (still does). But the weather couldn’t ruin my excitement for the day. When we got to the second floor of the Pier 92, I got even more excited. We got into line to wait until 11 AM to get inside. While we were in line, the registration girls checked out tickets and gave us markers and attendee liners. Just having that pink liner with the names of all the companies present at the Generation Beauty took me through the roof.


Right after getting inside, we got to the tipsy store. I didn’t buy anything there, but did leave my signature right next to Desi’s.

The line up to the Benefit was closed for 15 minutes, and I didn’t want to wait, so I decided to comeback at the end. Even though, when I got back, they were having meet and greet with Patrick Starr and Mani in there, but I was so tired, and didn’t want to wait in line for them. But, seeing them IRL was kind of cool!

Second place I went to was Moroccan Oil booth. They were giving out bags, which were amazingly big, because they fit all of the stuff I got at the convention. I also got to try out their new body creams and omg, I cannot stop smelling my hand. Made it so soft.

We passed by NYX cosmetics. Got my conturing done. My mom was right in the morning, when she told me not to put a lot of make up. I got most of my make up done there. We also got out hair done by Eva NYC. I decided to buy there hair mask, for only $12! Smells amazing, and promising to fix damaged hair. With all of the damage in my hair, it should work beautifully. I will definitely write a review, when I try it out.

We left around 2:40, got really tired and hungry. And of course we got out gift bag! That is the best thing in the world. Every company present gave a gift to everyone. I basically in makeup heaven!

And because my mom was with me, I have 2 bags of goodness!


More detailed pictures and a haul you could expect to see tomorrow, or next week.

But for now, have a wonderful day,


Good luck!

NYC Trip. Day 1

Here we go again. While my midterms start on Monday, I decided that it is the best time to go on a small trip to New York City. Well, technically, I planned this trip when I bought my tickets to Gen Beauty by Ipsy in the summer. Me and my mother were suppose to drive to NYC by car from Montreal, but unfortunately her car got into a small car accident during the week, so we had to get the tickets for the train. And right now, I’m doing this post while on it. If you remember that Friends episode where Ross took the train to see a girl, but fell asleep and ended up in Montreal, this is the same train. He also slept for at least 9 hours. Thats how long it takes to get from MTL to NYC. So technically my trip will be only 1 day, which is Saturday, because I would have to come back on Sunday, because I have 2 classes on Monday, and assignments due that day. So, while I’m on the train, for 20 hours this weekend, I could study for my exams and do my assignments.

Anyways, this is all very awesome, but my trip to NYC is very exciting. It is my first time going to a makeup convention of any sort. I really want to go to IMATS one day as well. But I guess Generation Beauty is one of the best places to start my experience in makeup conventions.

Everything is exciting about Gen Beauty. Not only seeing makeup companies and their products, I’m also very excited to see my favourite Youtubers in real life and of course, I’ll try to get some pics taken with them. Also, if you are a fan of Daredevil (comics or Netflix show) the Gen Beauty’s location will also excite you (If you are not from NYC). Pier 92, where it will be happening, is located in Hell’s Kitchen. I’ll definitely fangirl over that as well. 🙂

I will be taking lots of pictures with my camera, as well as with my phone. So, if you want to follow my adventures in New York, you could follow me on Instagram @varvarablack.

Gen Beauty is happening tomorrow, when I’ll get to my hotel room, I will definitely write a small or maybe not that small post on my experience.

But until then,

Have a wonderful time,


Good Luck!

Philosophy: The Microdelivery Peel

Couple of months ago, I saw a video by Claire Marshall of her May Beauty Reviews. One of the products that she was reviewing was The Microdelivery Peel by Philosophy. I was very interested in this product, but because summer was starting, and the peel is very strong and has salicylic acid which would react to the sun exposure resulting in a sunburn, I decided to wait out the summer, and buy this product in fall. And today it happened. I got my Peel in the mail.


I’m very excited to try it out. I always had a very prone to acne. I’ve tried many things in my life, even medication from the doctors. I always keep under control, but this summer, it was really hot in Montreal, and my skin acted out. So this is a product that my skin really needs. And of course, after couple of uses, I will write my own review.

If you have any other products that help you with your skin problems that you could recommend, I would love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful time, and as always

Good Luck!

Fall is here, darlings

Instead of doing my homework like most of university people do, I decided to go shopping and buy something for this wonderful season we have right now – Fall. Season where its gets really hot during the day (up to 25 C) but getting freezing at night (7 C is my enemy). And so while my boyfriend is working on his radio podcast in-between homework breaks, I wanted to share with you guys, what I bought today. It’s a haul, baby!

I personally live in Forever 21 closet. I think, everything I own is from that store. I love it, and they have an amazing selection for big girls. I’ve never considered myself as a plus sized girl, I’m tall and have big assets, lets go with that. And Forever 21 has an amazing selection for the price they have. Of course, I love Additionelle, but it gets a little bit expensive. And as much as I love online shopping, its hard to buy clothes without trying them on.

And so today, I of course went to Forever 21 and bought couple of things that will get me through October, maybe even beginning of November.

Leather Jacket

leather jacket

I love leather jackets. They are the best things to wear in fall and spring. They are very versatile and they just look really cool!  I got this one and it fits perfectly as well as I could wear a sweater underneath it and that would make it last longer during this fall season.

Sweater weather


I love black and white stuff. I already have a black and white sweater. But this one is really cozy and warm and works with the leather jacket I got. I look really good in black and white stuff.


I bough bunch of different colour tights. I think I’m mentally preparing myself to wear skirts in the winter with green and burgundy tights, even though I know that all I’m gonna wear are jeans and sweatpants.

And this is basically it. I know, I didn’t buy a lot of things, even though it felt like I did. I just can’t wait to start making fall looks and of course doing ootds, whenever possible.

I hope you enjoy you Sunday afternoon, night, or Monday morning.

Good luck

It’s getting colder outside

It’s what I call my birthday week. I usually celebrate my birthday with my family on my actual birthday and with friend on the weekend, if my birthday falls on the week day and not the weekend. This time around on my actual birthday, I was with my boyfriend and best friend and tomorrow, I will be going to a restaurant with my family. So, I was thinking that I would recreate my Tuesday look for tomorrow, so I could show you, gals and guys, what I wore, how I did my make up and maybe if I have time, I would create a small tutorial on my make up look, also if you are interested in that.

The fall is officially here, and I’m happy that my birthday is on the official last day of summer. But, my body doesn’t like cold, even though, I am from Russia and I live in Canada. Sweater weather, cuppa coffee made by my lovely boyfriend (best coffee I’ve ever tried, and I’m not a big coffee fan) and midterms in a week. That would be my life for next couple of weeks. Then I’ll move out to my own apartment, and before having finals will be stuck decorating my new place. It is going to be cold cold winter without my family.

My life is changing drastically, and the only piece of sanity that is left, is this little blog.

Been awhile

It’s been awhile since I posted one of my “rants”, let me call them that. I guess, I just didn’t have anything to write about. So, this is just an update to show you guys, that I’m well and planning on writing stuff on here. Right now, Im in a middle of figuring out my scheduling with school being in full blown gust of wind and midterms already on my way (which is crazy).

But here what you could expect in the next couple of weeks:

  1. a candle tutorial. It gonna be kinda fun, I’m hoping.
  2. I was subscribed to ipsy glam bag, but due to some circumstances had to cancel my subscription for now, but I will have a collective hall of all of the products that I got over last 4 months and a reviews of all of them.
  3. The first weekend of October (right before my first midterm exam in Uni), I’m heading to NYC for the Generation Beauty by ipsy. So, in between studying in the car, I will definitely will write a piece on my experience.
  4. In November I will be moving to a new apartment, so I planning on writing an article on good tips on packing you entire life and what you should keep, what should go. As well as on how to style a new place and make it feel like home.
  5. Also, my birthday is coming up, so this would one of the first articles up. I’ll talk about birthdays on weekdays, and how you should dress to school/work and still feel “festive”, what kind make up and hair I’ll be doing for my 23rd *I’m really old* birthday.

But while these things are in the making, you could follow me on Instagram @varvarablack for everyday selfies with make up and just pictures from my life.

May 2015 Favourites

I thought for long, what kind of favourites I had this past month. It was kind of hard to go through and figure out, but in the end here is a list of my May 2015 Favourites. Enjoy =)

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